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Okay, it has been a while since the last status post by Hacker. This is just a follow-up. As both Hacker and I have been having exams [which are still going on], there will be very little progress- if it isn’t obvious already.

There’s a lot of crap to get through on the hacking side of things- pretty much everything which Hacker listed in his previous post will have to be finished within those few days, so I can’t guarantee a release of any sort even if the translation is finished by then. Assuming that we can’t find a way to modify the source and fix up the problems, it’ll mean that we’ll have to debug the engine, and essentially hack the game from scratch [which is a field that Hacker has little experience with].

Now, the current script translation progress is just a bit over 2850 text blocks, which is 5.1% of the entire game. I’m trying to get the prologue finished by 18/09/10 -a few days after my tests finish- for reasons I’ll be disclosing later.

I am looking for someone fluent in Moonrunes to TLC the first two script files [aka. the prologue scripts]. You might be wondering “Is this guy some sort of faggot? What’s with his set of double standards? He’s going from C->E yet he wants a J->E translation check?”. Well, the truth is, finding someone willing to TLC is much easier than finding someone to do the initial translation. The closest -albeit exaggerated- analogy I can think of is the difference between building a new car and fixing one. To make up for the C->E, a TLC pass from J->E is the most appropriate [though J->E translations are getting J->E translation checks anyway].

If you’re interested, please send an email to or leave a message here. In case anybody’s wondering, the TLC who signed up a couple of weeks ago has gone MIA so I’ll assume that he bailed on us.

Here’s a poll regarding menu/speaker-tag translations. Speaker-tags aren’t controlled by the script files [as Hacker stated previously], so we’ll have to figure out where the global controls for them are and how they function to get them translated. Menu-editting is just Photoshop work [we haven’t figured out menu-insertion yet]. If anybody would like to help, that’ll take a huge load off my shoulders. Though if not, it’s not too big of a deal- just that the final menus will look shit because clone-stamping is as “advanced” as I know about photoshop.

Note that both menus and speaker-tags will be translated eventually. This is only asking if people want them translated specifically for the prologue patch.

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2 comments on “Current state of affairs
  1. Gogetters says:

    Both translated…

    I would like to know who is talking and would like to know what settings are which…

  2. koichi says:

    yeah,i`m using ATLAS translation but the name translation is wrong,like asuho,in my translation is pawn of tomorrow

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